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End of Year Luncheon May 8th INVITES AVAILABLE THIS FRIDAY 3/29 (Elaine Kraus   Mar 24)

The End of Year Luncheon will be held on May 8, 2019 at Mirasol Country Club. The luncheon invitation will be available this Friday, March 29th, under "Forms". Please return to the address on the invitation, the Special Event Cooerdinator, Amy Dalton, by April 24th. 

RULE OF THE WEEK #19 SERVICE DELAYS (Elaine Kraus   Mar 24)

30. Delays during service. When the server’s second service motion is interrupted by a ball coming onto the court, the server is entitled to two serves.

When there is a delay between the first and second serves:

  • The server gets one serve if the server was the cause of the delay;

  • The server gets two serves if the delay was caused by the receiver or

    if there was outside interference.
    The time it takes to clear a ball that comes onto the court between the first and second serves is not considered sufficient time to warrant the server receiving two serves unless this time is so prolonged as to constitute an interruption. The receiver is the judge of whether the delay is sufficiently prolonged to justify giving the server two serves.

  • THE CODE #30

2019/2020 ROSTERS ONLINE 4/26/19 (Elaine Kraus   Mar 17)

Rosters for the 2019-2020 Season will be available online April 26th and will be due back to your Division President May 16th. Players that are leaving before this date can sign the addition form under "Forms" and leave it with their captains and/or pros.


The votes have been tabulated for the full third set vs a 10 point tie break in lieu of a third set.
The results are as follows:
D-Open: 149 to 14 in favor of third set. No response from 13 players
D1: 157 to 23 in favor of a third set
D2: 184 to 37 in favor of third set
D3: 170 to 41 in favor of a third set No response from 20 players.
D4: 141 to 55 in favor of third set
D5: 161 to 63 in favor of a third set
D6: 120 to 72 in favor of a third set, 11 no response, 1 undecided
D7: 112 to 92 in favor of a third set, 52 no response
The totals are:
1,194 in favor of a third set
397 in favor of a 10 pt tie break
1 undecided
96 no response
1,688 players accounted for.
Based on these numbers, the PBCWTA league will be playing a full third set. 


Latest News

2019-2020 Season Teams

The North Palm Beach D5 team is now recruiting top line players. Please contact the captain, Suzanne Waggoner, at 561-601-2738.

Bear Lakes Country Club is looking for D1 and D5 players for the 2019-2020 season. Tennis membership is all that is required. Please contact BJ Munroe 614-203-3062

Jupiter Bay is looking for players for D6 and D7 for the 2019-2020 season.. Please contact Denee Massie 561-371-8050.

Heritage Oaks is looking for players for D4, D5 and D6 for 2019-2020. Please call Bud Savarese at 561 746-8880.

KL Tennis at the Tennis Club of Pam Beach is looking for D4 players and top line D2 players for the 2019-2020 season. Please contact Sophie at (407) 508-2066 or email

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Elaine Kraus
Vice President
Sandy Gonzalez

Team Points Weeks
Eastpointe CC West 67 16/18
Tennis Club 61 16/18
Palm Beach Gardens - Blue 56 16/18
South Olive 55 16/18
Palm Beach Gardens - Red 54 16/18
Jupiter Bay 46 16/18
Mirasol 41 16/18
Seaview 35 16/18
North Palm Beach 29 16/18
PGA 12 16/18
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Week 17
Mar 26 - Apr 1, 2019

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